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Die grüne Wolke. Ein Leseprojekt A.S. Neill

Die grüne Wolke. Ein Leseprojekt

A.S. Neill

ISBN : 9783464601594
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 About the Book 

A treasure from my childhood.I have read and re-read it. Could probably read it again today and still love it.It is humoristic and interesting, raises good questions about how we live, why we do things, ethics, humanity..The book is divided into two parallell stories. There are the fiction chapters about the gang of kids who survive the green cloud that turns everyone into stone and after each chapter a dialogue between the teacher and the classroom children about what they just heard and what they think about it.When my teacher in school tried to read it to the class, most did not like the reality-chapters and she skipped them and kept to the fiction. I, maybe a unusual child, liked the reality parts too.This book has followed me in my mind ever since I first read it with my mother while learning to read. It stays an absolute favourite forever.