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The Bohannon Brothers Kerry Keven

The Bohannon Brothers

Kerry Keven

Published June 1st 2012
ISBN : 9780984847303
522 pages
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 About the Book 

The Bohannon Brothers - Ireland and America, 1857-1865A timeless historical novel set in Ireland and America during the Civil War era- this unique story plays out through the lives of immigrant Irish characters from Connemara, in County Galway, Ireland.Ireland, Connemara, 1857-60: Two brothers yearn for freedom, opportunity, and land of their own. Stirred by stories of California, these young lads make plans to break away and fulfill their dreams. A family mystery and many other obstacles hamper their journey... but this is only part of the saga... From the beautiful mountain and valley country west of Lough Corrib, a family of four take a different path toward freedom and destiny in America... And from England, the son of a wealthy squire longs to forget a love forever lost, settling in western Maryland to heal and pursue things not possible in England.America, 1861-65: The promise of freedom blighted by civil war, The Bohannon Brothers unfolds against a backdrop of historic events in Massachusetts, Maryland, and Virginia... at places like Boston, Gloucester, Baltimore, Frederick, the Shenandoah Valley, South Mountain, and Antietam. An epic drama rich in characters, setting, and lore- the plot reveals deception and evil, doubt and heroism, irony and humor, truth and love. Told in a breathtaking style, author Kerry Keven introduces authentic Irish dialogue and many other touching realisms that make for an unforgettable experience.Story Background and Research: The Irish people are known for a rich heritage dating back thousands of years. Among these are their music and dance, poetry and literature, art, spirituality and devotion to religion, sense of other worlds and magic, ancient Celtic history and mythology, language, love of action and sport, and their spirit of friendship. It has been Ms. Kevens intention to bring some aspect of this cultural treasure into The Bohannon Brothers, while presenting a timeless and stirring quest for freedom and self-discovery--all from the larger backdrop of one of Americas greatest struggles, the Civil War.The setting is mostly in America--specifically western Maryland and Virginia--but also includes the Connemara region of western Ireland. In laying out all of the real and fictional parts, Ms. Keven has drawn from a large library of respected works and consulted with a number of authorities. Details have been exhaustively researched for accuracy and the author has spent time in all of the settings where the events of the main characters take place: Counties Galway and Mayo in Ireland, and Maryland and the Virginias in America (including the Appalachian mountain country, the farmland valleys, the Civil War battlefields, and towns such as Frederick, Sharpsburg, Middletown, Baltimore, and Winchester--as well as many other places of relevance to the story).A student of history and the Civil War, Ms. Keven lists the following as among the inspirations for this work: My Bondage and My Freedom, by Frederick Douglass, My Life in the Irish Brigade, by William McCarter, and How the Irish Saved Civilization: The Untold Story, by Thomas Cahill. The Bohannon Brothers is a timeless quest for freedom filled with romance, mystery, drama, and so much more... You dont want to miss this remarkable first novel of the series set!Be sure to visit the website at www.thebohannonbrothers.com for more detail, maps, and the special Irish language guide.