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The Pataman Tape Margaret Gill

The Pataman Tape

Margaret Gill

Published August 18th 2014
ISBN : 9781291987768
242 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Sams talent for drawing figures coincides with an alarming series of hallucinatory events which are linked to a Greek audio tape that becomes the catalyst for projecting her into other worlds where she experiences the bizarre figures of her own drawings coming to life. Through the multifarious worlds she visits, she experiences a wide range of characters and learns that the world is not as it seems, that there are other worlds out there. In fact she finds that the whole universe is full of amazing characters and untapped potential. She learns that absolute goodness exists but that it needs to be tempered by common sense, that in the world we live in the concise use of language is just as important as being able to use computers and machines, and that having a special talent doesnt mean you have to forget everything else. After many trials she learns about betrayal, the need to share with and trust others, and experiences real terror before coming to understand the things that are really important.