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That Nietzsche Thing Christopher Blankley

That Nietzsche Thing

Christopher Blankley

Kindle Edition
145 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

You know that Nietzsche thing?” she asked, “about what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?Well, he got it all turned around...”The girl is dead, and no fooling.Sasha is a cop, Though, even he would admit that hes not a good one. He mostly cleans up messes. There are plenty of those. Geneing has all but torn society apart. A genetically engineered designer drug, Geneing works in a single dose. One dose and youre high forever. At least until it kills you. Most Gene Genies dont live long. The girl certainly didnt.One more corpse for the morgue, Sasha thinks, until it turns out her family is rich and powerful. Soon, the City of Seattle is under the wardship of a Federal, NeoCon occupying army. All to clean up Sashas mess. Its the NeoCons first salvo in a roots-to-branches cleansing of America. A new front in the drug war.After the girls body vanishes from the morgue, things go from bad to worse. But a deeper mystery begins to unfold before Sasha. A mystery over a century in the making, linking the Geneing epidemic with a forgotten science fiction writer and his strange, encrypted last novel.Tagsvampires, mystery, numerology, encryption