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Vivencias Marcos Witt


Marcos Witt

Published August 28th 2003
ISBN : 9780829744422
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 About the Book 

After a long period of not recording and producing projects as a soloist, Marcos has just finished recording his most recent production, entitled Life Experiences. Like the title says, this project is born from the experiences, feelings, emotions and intimacy of his life and it will touch your life.The project Life Experiences was produced by Emmanuel Espinosa and Marcos WittThe songs are: 1. Tu Gracia Me Sostiene2. Vive3. Me Asombra Tu Amor4. Dios Ha Sido Fiel5. La Fuerza De Tu Amor6. Si No Lo Hago Yo7. En Quien Puedo Confiar?8. Te Mire A Los Ojos9. Jennifer10. Tiempo11. Es Por Ti