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No Other World

Norman German

Published April 3rd 2011
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 About the Book 

PRAISE BY ERNEST GAINES:“The story of Coincoin and Metoyer, the Creoles of Color, and African House on the Cane River has been told many times before, but not more refreshing than it is here. I have chosen this story as winner of the Ione Burden Award for the Novel not simply because it is a good story, but because it is a part of Louisiana history that more of us should know about. Coincoin should be as familiar to us as Evangeline and Miss Jane Pittman.”Natchitoches landowner Pierre Metoyer induces his slave, Marie Thérèze, called Coincoin, into believing they can live in a world of their own, one where the color of their skin does not matter.NO OTHER WORLD, an engrossing, fictionalized account of the unusual life of Coincoin, dramatizes the peculiarities of slavery and questions the nature of freedom. Pierre and Coincoin’s illegal relationship resulted in the births of ten children who had to be purchased by their father because infants followed the status of their mother. Responding to family pressure, Pierre freed Coincoin and married a white woman, also named Marie Thérèze. Coincoin became a slaveholder herself and built her own empire, Yucca Plantation, now called Melrose Plantation near Natchitoches, Louisiana.